Chambers results

I know it's not very well designed, but it’s the content that is important.

You will be required to sign in or sign up to the site before the form will save your results to the database. This is to help us prevent spamming on the site and so people can update their results.


1. Start by choosing chambers you have applied to.
2. Then click the option that applies, e.g. “Rejected”, “Interview”, “No Reply”
3. Then submit your form using the “submit” button at the bottom of the page. Simple!
4. The system will sum up all your details together with everyone else’s results.

I assure you that:

a) The results you enter are not tied to your user name in anyway. NO ONE can know who entered what, just the totals of the results.

b) The unsubscribe options for this site will delete your details completely, so after you have used this tool, if you want to leave, its easy to do so.

If you click on a chambers in error, just select the fourth column ( N/A ) and it will wipe that line from your results.
For chambers you did not apply for, you do not need click anything (obvious, I know)

The graph will then show the results for each chambers.

else {
print t("NONE");


Chambers Rejected.. Interview.. No Reply.. N/A
1 Chancery Lane
1 Garden Court
1 Gray's Inn Square
1 High Pavement
1 Inner Temple Lane
1 King's Bench Walk
1 Mitre Court Buildings
1 Pump Court
1 Temple Gardens
11 KBW
11 New Square
11 South Square
11 Stone Buildings
12 College Place
12 King's Bench Walk
13 King's Bench Walk
14 Gray's Inn Square
15 New Bridge Street
15 Old Square
15 Winckley Square
18 Red Lion Court
18 St Johns Street
187 Fleet Street
2 Bedford Row
2 Dr Johnson's Buildings
2 Harcourt Buildings
2 Hare Court
2 Paper Buildings
2 Pump Court
2 Temple Gardens
20 Essex Street
23 Essex Street
24 Old Buildings
25 Bedford Row
29 Bedford Row Chambers
3 - 4 South Square
3 Hare Court
3 Paper Buildings
3 Serjeants? Inn
3 Stone Buildings
3 Temple Gardens - John Coffey
3 Temple Gardens - Paul Williams
3 Verulam Buildings
30 Park Place
33 Bedford Row
36 Bedford Row
37 Park Square Chambers
39 Essex Street
4 Brick Court
4 Paper Buildings
4 Stone Buildings
4/5 Grays Inn Square Chambers
42 Bedford Row
5 Essex Court
5 King's Bench Walk
5 Paper Buildings
5 Pump Court Chambers
5 St Andrew's Hill
5 Stone Buildings
6 King's Bench Walk
6 Pump Court
7 Bedford Row
7 Harrington Street
7 King's Bench Walk
8 New Square
9 Bedford Row
9 Gough Square
9 Park Place
9 Stone Buildings
9-12 Bell Yard
Albion Chambers
Amicus Chambers
Angel Chambers
Arden Chambers
Atkin Chambers
Atlantic Chambers
Blackfriars Chambers
Blackstone Chambers
Brick Court Chambers
Broadway House Chambers
Carmelite Chambers
Chancery House Chambers
Charter Chambers
Chartlands Chambers
Chavasse Court Chambers
Citadel Chambers
Coram Chambers
Cornwall Street Chambers
Crown Office Chambers
Crown Office Row Chambers
Deans Court Chambers
Devereux Chambers
Doughty Street Chambers
Dyers Chambers
East Anglian Chambers
Eighteen Carlton Crescent
Ely Place Chambers
Enterprise Chambers
Erskine Chambers
Essex Court Chambers
Essex House Chambers
Exchange Chambers
Farrar's Building
Fenners Chambers
Field Court Chambers
Five Paper
Fountain Court Chambers
Four New Square
Frances Taylor Building
Garden Court Chambers
Government Legal Service
Gray's Inn Tax Chambers
Great James Street Chambers
Guildhall Chambers
Guney Clark & Ryan Solicitors
Hailsham Chambers
Harcourt Chambers
Hardwicke Building
Henderson Chambers
Hogarth Chambers
India Buildings
Iscoed Chambers
KCH Barristers Ltd
Keating Chambers
Kenworthy's Chambers
King's Bench Chambers
Kings Chambers
Lamb Building
Lamb Chambers
Landmark Chambers
Lincoln House Chambers
Littleton Chambers
Maidstone Chambers
Matrix Chambers
Mitre House Chambers
Monckton Chambers
New Court Chambers
New Court Chambers - Roger Moore
New Walk Chambers
Nicholas Street Chambers
No 6 Barristers Chambers
No5 Chambers
Old Court Chambers
Old Square Chambers
One Brick Court
One Crown Office Row
One Essex Court
One Paper Buildings
Oriel Chambers
Outer Temple Chambers
Pallant Chambers
Park Court Chambers
Park Lane Plowden
Pump Court Chambers
QEB Hollis Whiteman
Queen Elizabeth Building
Queen Square Chambers
Radcliffe Chambers
Renaissance Chambers
Ropewalk Chambers
Selborne Chambers
Sovereign Chambers
St Ive's Chambers
St James's Chambers
St John's Chambers
St Mary's Family Law Chambers
St Paul's Chamber
St Philips Chambers
Staple Inn Chambers
Stone Chambers
Stour Chambers
Tanfield Chambers
Temple Chambers
Thirteen Old Square Chambers
Thomas More Chambers
Three New Square
Three Raymond Buildings
Tooks Chambers
Trinity Chambers
Trinity Chambers
Unity Street Chambers
Wainwright & Cummins, Solicitors
Walnut House
Westgate Chambers
York Chambers
Zenith Chambers

Just because a chambers has rejected 100 other peole and you havn't yet heard back, does not mean your on the list - this is only a guide, what you draw from the results is your own opinion.

I have added a few bits of code to stop false entries, but the bottom line is, this data is put in by you and people like you, it could be a load of trash ( I hope not, because its taken me 6 hours to code it up ) but you get my point. It's a guide.

One last thing.

I know how important this process is to you guys, as I have seen what LegalGirl goes through, Good luck all of you.


THIS FORM HAS BEEN CLOSED>> LOOK OUT FOR THE 2011 version coming soon.